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The Harlem Porter is a minimalist Portering Chair designed specifically for those with Huntington's or who experience involuntary or ataxic movements. The Harlem is a simple and cost-effective chair with high sided arms, reclining backrests and the ability to alter the tilt angle of the seating surface to reduce falls risks. 

The Harlem is designed to be straightforward to use for care teams and safe for the clients using them. The Harlem has an adjustable backrest which operates independently to the seat supporting those who require or prefer open hip angles. The backrest can be reclined quickly and smoothly via a lever control at the rear of the chair up to 120 degrees. 

The seat board can be 'bucketed' to 15 degrees, if required, which uses gravity to keep a client sat rearward in the chair and reduces their risk of falls. For clients at particularly high risk two D-Rings are fitted allowing for posture belts to be attached. We recommend the seat angle is not adjusted while a client is sat in the chair due to the risk of shearing occurring down the backrest cushions and secondly ensure care teams know to add additional recline to ensure comfort is maintained. 

The Harlem has an adjustable seat depth ranging from 17"-21", and smaller seat depths are possible with the use of seat depth adjuster pads. This adjustment can be made on site at handover ensuring a perfect seat depth is achieved. Incorrect seat depths can result in increased pressure risks (too short of a depth) or slouching and sacral sitting (too great of a seat depth). 

The Harlem is a prescription 'comfy' chair able to manage clients at low risk through to medium risk of skin breakdown and pressure ulceration. A wide range of pressure cushions including different densities of visco foam and different types/foam hybrids ensure different risk levels can be managed correctly. Similarly a range of removable and interchangeable back cushion styles mean one chair can work for multiple clients or can be future-proofed as a core piece of equipment for many different residents. 

The Harlem has been designed to be moved within a care environment to reduce the amount of hoists a client has to undergo during the day, but is also great for supporting 'sit to stand' transfers. 

Available in three standard frame sizes The Harlem can accommodate clients with hip widths of 15.5" up to 20" and with three different seat heights of 16", 18" or 20" the ideal height for transfers can be found. An optional sliding footplate ensures a stable foot platform during transit while large castors ensure easy transition across door thresholds. 

If you'd like more information about The Harlem or any other healthcare chair please get in touch. 

This is a product sold on prescription and is available in many different configurations. Getting this right for you or your client is of great importance to us and as such we offer free assessments and demonstrations.

Our assessments scale in complexity depending on the clinical requirements and can be conducted over the telephone for low complexity equipment or more typically here in the assessment suite or at your residence.

All assessments are currently free to both private and NHS clients for equipment with values over £150 ex VAT.

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