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The Permobil Progeo Ego is an open framed lightweight active manual wheelchair which folds. The Ego's design is very similar to the popular Joker with its open frame, clean lines and discreet branding. The Ego features an innovative folding mechanism called the Syncro Motion Folding Axle which is unique to the wheelchair world. 

The Progeo Ego wheelchair is a mid to high end folding wheelchair designed for the highly active wheelchair user who needs the assurances of reliability and robustness. The Ego is the most modular version in the folding range while the lighter Ego Custom and the even lighter Ego Carbon are available for times when overall weight matters. 

The Ego's folding mechanism is unique to Permobil and instead of hinged bracketry features intermeshing teeth that ensures the chair folds and unfolds perfectly every time. Designed to mitigate one of the flaws of folding mechanisms - loss of rigidity - the Ego's mechanism is seriously tough! The most noticeable proof of its stiffness comes through testing the performance of the wheelchair when it isn't fully locked. The Ego remains firm and can support the full weight of the user while the Kuschall cannot. Naturally there are very few situations in the real world when folding a chair mid-use is required but it serves to demonstrate the differences in the mechanisms. 

If you'd like to trial the Ego, Ego Custom or Ego Carbon please give us a ring or send us a message to book an appointment. 

This is a product sold on prescription and is available in many different configurations. Getting this right for you or your client is of great importance to us and as such we offer free assessments and demonstrations.

Our assessments scale in complexity depending on the clinical requirements and can be conducted over the telephone for low complexity equipment or more typically here in the assessment suite or at your residence.

All assessments are currently free to both private and NHS clients for equipment with values over £150 ex VAT.

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