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Invacare Rea Azalea


The Invacare Rea Azalea is a very popular and well recognised wheelchair across the UK and Europe. Designed to accommodate a very wide range of needs the Rea Azalea is a highly configurable tilt-in-space wheelchair. It has been developed alongside a family of models suitable for any requirement and is compatible with more complex seating systems including base cushions and backrests. 

The Azalea wheelchair is available in three different chassis widths and four different base-types, each with the dual functions of backrest recline and whole chair tilt in space. These functions come as standard on the Azalea and enable clients to be positioned correctly following a hoisted or standing transfer and to also offload pressure from the backside when needed. 

The standard seating on the Azalea can be modified quickly with infinite adjustment between a set range to get the fit perfect every time. The gas rams used to assist with the tilt and recline functions are quiet and effortless to use by care teams or loved ones, with colour coded and labelled levers for easy identification. 

The Azalea wheelchair remains stable even when in maximum tilt thanks to its Dual Stability System. This system moves the centre of mass of the client forward over the centre of gravity of the wheelchair ensuring the chair is no more prone to tipping than when the client was upright. In addition, the pivot point for the reclining backrest is positioned so that during a reclining motion there is little risk of sheer or added pressure risk. 

Invacare provide a full suite of accessories which the assessor will draw from to complement the basic wheelchair setup including lateral supports, different headrests, different cushions and backrests, trays and much more. 

We aim to always have an Azalea available for demonstration or assessment purposes, such is its popularity and quality. If you'd like more information or to arrange an assessment please get in touch.

This is a product sold on prescription and is available in many different configurations. Getting this right for you or your client is of great importance to us and as such we offer free assessments and demonstrations.

Our assessments scale in complexity depending on the clinical requirements and can be conducted over the telephone for low complexity equipment or more typically here in the assessment suite or at your residence.

All assessments are currently free to both private and NHS clients for equipment with values over £150 ex VAT.

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