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Invacare Propad Original - Cinque Ports Healthcare
Invacare Propad Original - Cinque Ports Healthcare

Invacare Propad Original


The Invacare Propad Original cushion is one of three widely recognised cushions utilised in community settings. The Propad Original is joined by the Propad Si and Propad V. All three cushions provide good pressure management outcomes but which is prescribed typically depends on the risk level identified. 

The Propad Original cushion provides 'entry level' pressure care and is usually prescribed by social services into residential settings. A typical risk identified within a home setting is where existing furniture is deemed to be providing poor comfort or putting someone at increased risk of pressure ulceration due to its construction. An old chair with decayed or worn out foam revealing the springs or wooden board below is a typical example of such a risk. 

The Propad Original is typically prescribed at this point to form a barrier between the client and the identified risk. The single foam construction is soft to the touch, provides reasonable stability and compresses well. The castellated top surface provides increased air flow which is designed to reduce the ambient temperature in the foam. A high ambient foam temperature is associated with increased sweat production which in turn increases the risk of skin maceration. 

We do not typically stock the Propad Original cushions at the Healthcare Centre, but the Mobility outlet in Enbrook Valley has a selection of Invacare Essential cushions which are equally supportive but are more often prescribed for wheelchair and powerchair users. 

This is a product sold on prescription and is available in many different configurations. Getting this right for you or your client is of great importance to us and as such we offer free assessments and demonstrations.

Our assessments scale in complexity depending on the clinical requirements and can be conducted over the telephone for low complexity equipment or more typically here in the assessment suite or at your residence.

All assessments are currently free to both private and NHS clients for equipment with values over £150 ex VAT.

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