Invacare Kuschall Champion 2.0

Invacare Kuschall Champion 2.0 - Cinque Ports Healthcare
Invacare Kuschall Champion 2.0 - Cinque Ports Healthcare

Invacare Kuschall Champion 2.0


Invacare Kuschall did something different a few years ago and adopted an angular-tubed frame (hydroformed to be exact). It made sense - the traditional round tube was becoming a little boring and samey, the oval tubing from Sunrise Medical had been out for a number of years and was reaping the benefits of more modern design and so Kuschall went one better. At least, that's what they hoped it would be thought as. In reality such a design change has never been more divisive - like Marmite the Kuschall's square frame has split the market down the middle with some loving it and some... well, not so much. 

Kuschall have always been that wheelchair manufacturer who don't try to jump on bandwagons. They don't make a big fuss about themselves and they certainly don't mind being different. The Kuschall range featuring the Champion, Compact, K-Series and KSL all feature this new square frame and we're happy to stake our marker in the sand to say we like it. 

The Kuschall Champion is an active and relatively lightweight wheelchair balancing the driving characteristics of a rigid frame wheelchair with a fully folding chair. Its accordion (sideways) folding mechanism is simple to use and quick and easy to latch when rebuilding the chair ready for use. The frame shape may be new but the folding mechanism is not. Tried and tested over multiple decades the folding mechanism is unique to Kuschall and provides rigidity when needed but without the weight.

For those who require the ultimate in compactness the Champion SK frame should be considered. Featuring an additional hinge on the front frames the SK can be folded in three ways - sideways, up under itself and down via the backrest. This makes it perfect for the frequent flyer or commuter. 

If you'd like to trial the Champion 2.0 or any of its competitors including the Progeo Tekna please give us a call to book an appointment. 

This is a product sold on prescription and is available in many different configurations. Getting this right for you or your client is of great importance to us and as such we offer free assessments and demonstrations.

Our assessments scale in complexity depending on the clinical requirements and can be conducted over the telephone for low complexity equipment or more typically here in the assessment suite or at your residence.

All assessments are currently free to both private and NHS clients for equipment with values over £150 ex VAT.

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